Code Of Conduct

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Macmillan includes a diverse group of companies and divisions that believe in quality editorial content, business success and strong corporate citizenship. We aim to have a positive impact wherever we do business and never lose sight of our responsibility to effect positive change in society as a whole. We maintain our customer focus and our passion for outstanding content. We believe in the transformative effect of education and the spread of knowledge; we understand the power of ideas and the value of imagination. We also understand our responsibility to conduct our business dealings with honesty and integrity. To reinforce our commitment to these beliefs, employees throughout Macmillan worked to create our Code of Conduct, which outlines the basic principles that should serve as the frame of reference for the professional activities of our employees. The Code is meant as a guide to the standards of behavior we expect from our staff, regardless of seniority or location, not only in terms of how we interact with coworkers, customers and business partners, but also in terms of how we conduct ourselves in our dealings with the public.

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